Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Books!

Nothing better than a trip to the bookstore and that is exactly what the boys, my mom and I did on Tuesday and boy did I hit the jackpot!!

The top three book on the stack, I have had on my to read list for some time. So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw them in paperback!  The last two books, have been at the top of my to read list, so I just couldn't pass them up!! Why not get them at the library, I sure could, but the wait list is sooooo long!! And I can be impatient at times!! I can't wait to start reading this pile!!!
Sam and Jack scored a couple new books each, too. I love that the boys love to read as much as I do...especially Jack. He gets a new book and his nose is in it until he finishes it! My mom suggested, that I just have him read the books at the book store! Would save me some cash!
We then went to the local toy store so Jack could give us some ideas on some things he would want on his birthday. I wandered off and when I came back I found this...
The three of them playing and racing with wind up toys!
So not focused on the task at hand!!

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