Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Baaacck!

So, last week Jason and I (yes, just Jason and I) headed to Boston and Martha's Vineyard for our 15th wedding anniversary! We went to Martha's Vineyard on our honeymoon and decided we would go beack every 5 years...well, make that 10...Nope. every 15! 
And it true Belding style, we had bad things happen the first day of travel. First bad thing, I THOUGHT I forgot my driver's license at home. SHEER panic right there at the check-in counter. Jason held it together very well, he wanted to tackle me, but he stood there and took deep breathes. Good thing, because I had just put my ID in a super safe place, my purse.
We flew into Chicago, with one "OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING DOWN!" moment. Halfway into the flight, the plane suddenly took a dramatic and unsuspected tip, let me rephrase that, jerk to the left. My heart dropped, another passenger actually screamed! The captain came on and said he had just crossed another airplane's exhaust track. WHAT? So, we counted that as bad thing moment two.

Caught our connecting flight at Chicago. We boarded the plane at 11:40, Boston was only one hour and 45 minutes away...can't wait to do some afternoon sightseeing! Soon the captain came on and explained that when the plane had come in, it actually had a flat tire and it needed to be changed (you think?) and check the brakes. It will take about 20 minutes. 20 minutes later, they had us de-board the plane because it would be at least an hour for the tire change and break check. So departure would now be 1:00. ok.

(Jason in the airport. I took a nap while waiting!)
1:00 then became 1:30
then 2:00
then 2:15,
then 2:30,
We finally boarded at 2:45.
Only Three hours and 18 minutes delayed.
Count this as bad moment three...we are good to go!
There is a one hour change time, so we landed at 6:00 in beautiful Boston! Finally!

Went to get our luggage, luggage to be found for Jason. Oh dear! Moment number four! Thank goodness they (whoever "they" is) had put his luggage on the next plane to Boston. So thirty minutes later, we had luggage and off to our our rental car.

Boston isn't the easiest place to drive around, but we had put our destination in our phone maps and headed out...straight into a tunnel where our navigation was lost. SERIOUSLY? We even took a wrong turn into a building parking area, which must happen a lot, because there was a sign that read, "If you are lost, take a ticket and proceed to exit." MOMENT NUMBER FIVE? ARE YOU KDDING ME? That only means one thing...we are having our second round of bad things happen in threes, so we still have one more to go! Jeepers!

On our adventure in attempting to drive to our hotel, we did go pass Fenway Park...which I quickly took a picture of, before saying, "You missed our exit...again." Moment number 6. We are now good to go! Phew!
A long story short, we got to our hotel about 8:00, changed and went to a fabulous restaurant right across the street from our hotel.

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Janet said...

Scary thing on the plane! I hate when I think I'm going to crash!!