Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sand Dollars...

At Hilton Head we discovered Sand Dollars. Not the ones you buy at the store, but the ones that you find by dragging your feet along the ocean bottom.
This soon became the universal sign that a sand dollar was found!

I can just hear Sam say, "Oh, good job Jack!"

And then the comparison in size was discussed.

The boys found lots of sand dollars, so we put them in a baggie to take up to our room for souvenirs. A gentleman shared with us what we needed to do in order to bleach the sand dollars and stop them from becoming smelly.

Little did we know, that it is actually a $500 dollar fine for each sand dollar taken off the beach!

This lady, which I photographed on a later day, actually told on us and our sand dollars.  How do I know it was her, she tilted her chin toward the boys and said to another gal, "Do you see that!" and off she went down the boardwalk and soon the lifeguard was up where we were, asking, "Is there a family with a lot of sand dollars up here?" Jack freaked out! He was so upset that he had to give back his sand dollars. Jason walked the boys back down to the ocean and released them all. I don't have an issue with releasing them, I get that, but I wish that the tattle tale would have just kindly mentioned it to us quietly, so it wouldn't have been so embarrassing because people were actually standing and watching us!  Later that week, I followed the super tan old tattle tale lady (not bitter at all) up the boardwalk and almost said, "You should try not to be someone's bad day or bad vacation memory." But I bit my tongue.
Later, Jack found a hermit crab walking down the beach. It was cool to watch how it would come out of its shell and then take off walking sideways into the water...

And don't worry, we didn't even take this little guy from the water...we released him right away!

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