Wednesday, June 11, 2014

He is Bitten...

Last week Sam participated in a local track camp. He was able to experience all field and track events available to kids his age. He enjoyed the first day, but as the week went on...he was hooked on track!! 
Sam likes football and basketball, but Sam actually found a softball and practiced throwing it like a shot-put one evening.  Jason showed him his old track spikes and soon Sam was trying them on and running up and down the lane. "I love these spikes!"
Last night he was on Google.
"What are you looking up?"
"Fastest 400 and other track events."

He just watched Michael Johnson run the 400 in 43 seconds.
We had to go to Scheel's and Sam asked to go look at shoes. "You are not getting a new pair of new shoes!" I hastily stated. "Oh, I don't want new shoes, mom. I just want to check out the track spikes."  He has even showed me spikes he has found on-line which he thinks are petty sick. (which means extremely cool!)
He was to go to an ISU basketball camp this week, but that didn't work out. So we asked if he wanted to do the second week of track camp.  I bet you can guess his answer!

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