Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Received an email from the school nurse yesterday letting me know that Jack fell at recess and his cheek was scraped up and had a small cut on his lip. She gave him an ice pack and he was fine.
After school, Jack got in the car...he was a bit more scraped up then I was excepting!
He actually fell against one of the hanging ropes, hence the look of rope burns on his face.
Jack had a baseball game last night and I told him that others will ask him what happened to his face.
He told me he was going to say, "I got in a fight."
"Oh...that wasn't really the answer I was expecting. I was thinking you might say..."
He filled it in again, "I got in a fight AND I won!"
"Jeepers, Jack! Do you think you can say anything else?"
He said, "Well, I guess I could say that I fell against a rope bridge."
Me, "well, at least that is the truth!"
Jack, "Not really. We don't have a rope bridge at school."

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