Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cold Stories...

I got one of those colds...one that your nose is completely plugged, but it still runs, which means you MUST have Kleenex very near at all times due to not knowing when your nose it suddenly going to start dripping. Like the time I was teaching and I was planning a lesson with the librarian.  We were looking at her lesson plan book and suddenly, drip went my noes, right on her lesson plan book!! Thank goodness she was a great friend so she looked at me and said, "OH!" I was still embarrassed and quickly cleaned up the drip with some hand sanitizer!
So when your nose it running like a faucet, then you have to blow it which leads to a raw nose! So, which leads to me taking care of my nose in the evening with zinc oxide!
You know the stuff that you are to use for sun protection?
Nothing will heal your nose like a little zinc oxide!
Here is another amazing selfie!! Yep, I have zinc oxide on my super sore nose!! Why would I ever take a picture of me with zinc oxide on my nose...why not?  It's not the first time someone has seen me with it all over my poor nose!
One time I had a terrible cold, sore nose which equals zinc oxide ALL OVER the nose. Damn!! I ran out of Kleenex and wanted more cold medicine, so I went to the store.  Much to my horror..when I got in the car, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror...I forgot to wipe of my healing lotion!!! And no, as you can see, I can't pass it off as wearing for sunscreen!!
Another time, terrible cold = zinc oxide. My landlord came to talk to me...I sat and talked with him for some time, not once did I remember that my nose was COVERED in zinc oxide, due to feeling so terrible!!  He never said a word about it, but I was once again humiliated that I had made an appearance with a white covered nose without an excuse!!
So now, everyone has seen me with my white covered nose. So, if you see me out and about with a zinc covered nose, you can say, "Oh Katie, I see you have a sore nose and a cold." I will be okay with that!
Another thing that is a must for my cold is Vicks VapoRub.  Not for my chest, but for my FEET!! If you have a cough at night, rub Vicks on your feet, put on socks and your cough is done! No kidding! Best advice I have ever gotten!!Works for the boys too!

Unfortunately for Jason, when I have a cold, I will make terrible loud noises at night through my nose that keep him up and have him say, "I am sleeping on the couch tonight!" So, to be nice, I went to the store and bought these for him!
No, I didn't, but I sure thought about it!!
 I actually bought some of these...
AWFUL!! These go in your nostrils and expand them to sizes that they shouldn't be allowed! They also have a lavender smell..which actually burned my nostrils!! These lasted about 2 minutes. 
So then, I tried these...
When you have a cold, you will try ANYTHING to breathe! They really haven't worked, I am still making a low rumble through my nose, much to Jason's dismay. He says I am giving Moose a run for her money and that sometimes Moose and I are in harmony!!
 I am a bit embarrassed to share this, but this wasn't the box I bought. I didn't realize, until now, that you can buy these in sizes and for sensitive skin! I bought a box with a gentleman on it and they are probably XL..no wonder my nose is pulled up to my eyeballs!!
 My nose is a little sore from these strips, so the ones I have must not be sensitive skin! They are heavy duty stick um strips...if you ever need something to stick and you don't have any glue, try one of these!!
I hope you have enjoyed my cold stories and I am off to get me some strip that are more my size!!
And as they say at the store that I have been frequenting..
Stay well!

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Janet said...

Great public service announcement, Katie!! I wish I had known about the zinc oxide thing! My nose was red for 2 weeks last time I had a cold. Next time I will be prepared!!