Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Addiction...

Why haven't I been blogging? Because I have been watching this  very addictive show!!!
For Christmas, my sister gave me the first three season of Downton Abbey.  I didn't know what to expect when starting to watch the show. I heard it was amazing, but was a bit skeptical due to the time period (early 1900s.) But after the first couple of episodes...HOOKED!! The first season starts with the sinking of the Titanic (interesting!) and ends with the beginning of WWI. The characters are introduced and a few that are down right nasty...which if great fun! There are many twists and turns and some very unexpected events...which you wouldn't think were happening in the early 1900s! And the scandals!! I told a fellow watcher that I thought the show was fantastic...she looked at me and said, "It just gets better.
It didn't take long to get through season 1 and I was off to season 2! WWI has started and has a great effect on Downton Abbey, which is turned into a hospital for soldiers that no longer need medical attention, but are not ready to go home. Three of the characters go off to war and are effected in different is everyone in Downton. As in the first season, there are actually two different stories going with the family upstairs and the other with the servants in the lower part of the house. They do intertwine, but the servants lives are kept much more private then the family's, due to the fact, that the servants overhear the family's "business" because they are their servants.  Another great season.
I am currently watching the third season, and the year is 1920. The first few episodes throw some major unexpected events and curves at you! I would share, but I don't want to give anything away!! The writers for this show are amazing and do not hesitate to change up the characters lives at a moments notice...just when you think all is well! This season has actually made me "well" up! Love it!
Jason fed my addiction by buying me season 4!
It's the perfect way to pass time on a snowy day...I highly recommend it!

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