Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sam is now out from under the table, eating all the blow pops!
Mask time!
A little score tape, 1/8", works perfect to adhere the mask.

Jack decided that the mask seemed to "float," so he drew a smiley face with a sharpie marker.
Safety Sam states, "I would NEVER eat that sucker now. That sharpie will soak through and then you would be eating marker!" Thanks for your input, Sam.

Ta Da!

One proud little guy!

"Look, mom! My area now looks like yours when you scrap book!"

And, 40 pictures later, Jack has 2 Super Suckers completed.
Only 23 more to create!
Hope he doesn't appoint his assistant to the job!

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Janet said...

haha I LOVE THIS! I think Jack -- and Moose -- have a future in this business! Great job, Jack! (and mom, too!)