Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sam and Curious George...

Jack LOVES to watch Curious George.
Especially in the morning while having breakfast.
Sam joined Jack one morning to watch an episode.
Curious George was looking for items to help him sound proof a chicken coop.
George looked in SORTED recycle bins. One had white packing pieces (looks like that popcorn stuff.) George put the packing pieces in his ears to use as ear plugs. The next bin George went to was full of plastic pop bottles. He picked them up, looked in them and decided that a plastic bottle would not help him sound proof his chicken coop.
Sam suddenly couldn't take it anymore!
He declares, "Doesn't he know how unsanitary it is to go through those bins! He picked up those pop bottles! Those aren't clean! And what if someone was sick and drank out of one of those and now George picked it up and he will get sick!  And those popcorn things in his ears!!!"
I have been looking at him this entire time. I finally say, "Sam! It's a cartoon! I think George will be ok!" I think it suddenly dawned on Sam how he was going on and on. He looked at me and said, "Well, still."
Oh my little germ-a-phobe.

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