Friday, December 6, 2013

Turkey Preparations...

Thought I would share some Thanksgiving prep of the turkey pictures. If you know me, I cannot stand raw meat. I don't know what it is, I just don't like handling, touching, smelling raw meat. This year my mom actually thought I should pull out the "parts" that are packed in the turkey. I about passed out!! Thank goodness, she changed her mind and came over to get out the "parts."

But first, Jason had to pull out some pin feathers...WITH MY GOOD TWEEZERS!! Guess what I want for Christmas!

All the kids lined up to check out what was going to come out of the chicken.  The little red head is my niece, Lily.

Jack, was amazed with the parts and didn't hesitate to touch them. GROSS!!

Checking out the other things that where pulled from the turkey's nether region.

Lily didn't want anything to do with them.

 I couldn't believe that Sam held the neck! I think he was trying to be "brave" with Lily right beside him. As you can see, he has about the same feeling about raw meat and really couldn't keep it together.  

My sister thought Lily should get a good close up look of the heart!

Here's the Sam we all know and love!

Jack still studying the parts! He REALY liked the heart. Even after grandpa told him it may start beating again in the fridge at night!

Once hearing that the heart may start beating again, Jack decided KEEPING the heart would be a great idea!  At least I convinced him to keep it in a baggie! I noticed someone switched if from the fridge to the freezer..just so it would last longer! Thank you very much.

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