Monday, December 2, 2013

Henry's Back...

Henry's back. Henry is our Elf on the Shelf that I thought would be a great idea to do with the boys. Well, now he is back for the third year! We had to add an addition on to our house just so this stinking Elf will have somewhere new to go for the next 23 days!

Jack is SO excited that Henry was returning. So much so, that he made and entire set up for him!

Dear Henry,
I gave you a few choices on movies. Remember to put the Class Christmas Favorites back in its case.
Sincerely, Jack
(Henry did enjoy the movie, but gosh darn him, he forgot to put the movie back into its case!)

Dear Henry,
Here's the classic Cat in the Hat book for you to read. Have fun!
Sincerely, Jack
(Henry read part of the book and used the note as his bookmark!)

Dear Henry,
I can't wait to see you in the morning! I missed you, so here is a nice welcoming!
Sincerely, Jack
(It actually was a nice welcoming!)

Dear Henry,
You could hang up and ornament if you'd like.
Signed, Jack

P.S. Henry,
Feel free to look around the addition.
Sincerely, Jack
(WOW! Thanks for all this! Henry)

A nice welcoming always includes a pillow for your head, a stocking for your bed, a flashlight to get around in the dark and a creepy monkey with a mask.

Welcome back, Henry!
So good to see you.

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