Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat...

Trick or treat was a success for Sam and Jack this year.
All was good, until the cops showed up!!

Anyway, Jack was a thief.

He got a lot of loot!!

Sam was a creepy clown.

He also scored a lot of loot!

While heading to trick or treat with friends, Sam looked out the car window and spooked people in other cars!

Jeepers! He is so creepy looking with the mask and those blue eyes!!

Sam and his buddy, "Si" from Duck Dynasty!

So, as I said yesterday, all was well with trick or treating until we decided to pay my parents a visit. Long story short, Sam went up to the door by himself. Jason, Jack and I hid at the side of the house to see what my mom's reaction would be when she saw Sam. Sam rang and rang the doorbell, no answer, so he then started pounding on the door...basically making a lot of racket.

Suddenly we heard, "HEY!!! HEY!!! YOU DON"T BELONG THERE!!"  A guy was standing across the street yelling at us.
Jason came around the corner and yelled back, "What did you say?"
The guy again yelled, "YOU DON'T BELONG THERE! I'M GOING TO CALL THE COPS!"  Jason responded, "You're going to call the cops?"
Man: "YES!!"
Jason, "Alright."

At this time, my mom finally came to the door. She asked what was going on and we told her how a guy was yelling at us from across the street and he was going to call the cops on us.
"Oh, jeepers." she said. The man continued to yell at us, even after my mom came out and let us in!

 Well, the man who was yelling at us lives across the street and enjoys his "beverages" and he had obviously enjoyed some Halloween beverages and decided that it was his turn to check on late trick-or-treaters.

So we are all sitting in the house and sure enough, the cops come to the door. I KNOW!!! So my mom and Jason went out and explained what had happened. I guess the police are familiar with the guy who was yelling at us.

Sam was pretty nervous about the whole things, but I reassure him that the only thing that was going to happen was that we had a good story for the blog!

Side Note:
Jack is learning about services in school.
So the next day Jack raised his hand and told his teacher he had a connection to services and proceeds to tell his teacher how the police came to his Grandma's house. Guess I will have a little explaining to do at conferences next week!


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Janet said...

haha There are no secrets when it comes to kids! That mask IS scary!