Thursday, November 7, 2013

A House Tour...

It's been a LONG time since I have shared an update on the house. We are sitting about 2-3 weeks out from completion. This weekend, our contractor came over on Saturday to help clean the area out and clean I up. We really enjoyed hanging out in our new living room!

As you walk into the front door, you will see the fireplace in the new addition. My little video junkie is hard at work at the kitchen table! In this picture, it looks as if we have three different colors of brown on the walls. It's actually one color...a very warm brown!

A closer look at the fireplace area.

From here you can see our built in entertainment center. The door leads back to the master bedroom, closet and bathroom. Why isn't there a door there? We aren't sure. The boys put up some chairs so they could "hang out."

Here's a view showing you the existing kitchen and the stairway up to my studio (that's what the workers refer to it as!)  and down to the basement.

You can see the lofted hallway from this point, also.

The door upstairs leads to my new scrap place!!
Shall we go visit....