Friday, October 18, 2013

A New Old Table...

I have been painting and prepping some items for my new craft room. I am SO ready to move into my new space that I can hardly stand it! Sometimes I go into the room and just stand there...anyway...

I finally found a table that was the size and height that I was looking for, but not the color. I don't mind black, but just wasn't the look I was going for. 

I have been watching ALOT of HGTV and so I decided I would and could paint the table. Can't be that hard, I have been watching HGTV so much, that I think I could install a wood floor or a perfect stone back splash at this time. As you can see Moose is super excited about our art project!

After dropping the boys off at school, I headed to Home Depot and purchased a few cans of spray paint.

I sprayed the table. REALLY not the look I was gong for. Looks like...I spray painted a table.
So I spayed gray paint over the white. Yea...not the look I was going for.

 While sitting and looking at the mess, I decided to take a block of sandpaper and drag it across the sprayed areas. If it didn't work, I could sand down the entire thing and start over. 

There we go...more of the wood grain look I was hoping to achieve.

So after much spaying and dragging and painting and sanding, I finally achieved somewhat the look I wanted. Still pretty flat and one dimensional...

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