Thursday, September 26, 2013

A New Position...

Sam played a new position in football this weekend...he played center...which means he hiked the ball to the QB (in case you weren't sure.)

He loved being center.

I didn't like it that much...I couldn't get very good pictures of him!!

So thank goodness, he was put in on defense a few times!

He lunged at the other team's QB...and missed.

Here he is "jumping" to block a pass.

He looked for me again!! I asked him what thoughts are going through his mind when he looks for me. He shared that he likes to know that I am there...and that sometimes he thinks, "Geez...why does her laugh need to be so loud!"

They finally placed the ball where I could get a good shot of him hiking the ball. It's all about getting the picture!

It was a good fb weekend for us! Sam's team won their first game. Jack's team won their first game. ISU didn't play, so the didn't lose!  And the Vikes...yea. We aren't talking about that one.

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