Monday, September 23, 2013

A Little Dance...

It was nice to see Jack having fun on the football field this weekend.
Last weekend wasn't much fun...for any of us.

Last weekend he was super excited to wear Sam's old pink gloves during his football game.

He wore them proudly all game, but when he got home, he was crying big crocodile tears and so upset.

"What happened?" I asked him while he crawled into my lap.

He told me the other boys on his team made fun of his pink gloves at the end of the game. "You are wearing pink gloves and pink is for girls!"  It crushed him.  He just wanted to be like the older boys...and Sam.

Jason did address the issue with the entire team. Jack wasn't the only one who had been made fun of during the game.

Sam and his friends (along with his mom and dad, but it helped more hearing it from Sam and his friends) reassured Jack that pink was VERY cool to wear and LOTS of FB players wear pink! He felt better.

So when he pulled a flag this weekend, it was nice to see him happy again, celebrating in his new YELLOW socks. (When Sam saw this picture, he did give Jack a lecture about show boating and how that was NOT ok to do on the field. I don't think Jack will do it again, so I am glad I captured it this week!) 

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