Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Lights Went Out...Again!

The lights went out to our house...again! It seems as if there is always something that is messing with out electricity!  Well, Mid America assured us around 5:00 that night, the electricity would be on in about 3-4 hours. So we left and came home around 8:00. Good sign...Mid America was sitting in our driveway. But they were just sitting.  The reason for sitting the was the crew was waiting for a locater to come out to locate the wire that was causing the issue.  Guess what they told us...Another 4-5 hours. REALLY?  So we headed to Wal-Mart to get some supplies.
Supplies? Batteries for the flash lights.
Sam used his lantern to read in bed.

This is my pillow and lantern on Sam's floor. The dark really creeped him out. I told the boys to pretend we were just camping!  Jack looked at me sand stated, "I never wanted to camp."

Moose was close by with her lantern!

We had to get some battery operated fans. One little fan for each of us!  We are white noise addicts!!

Jack got us all prepped for the night.

Jas also got a couple larger fans for us. It was cool out (thank goodness) and having a fan in the window made it pretty comfortable!

Jack was all set with his lantern and fan right beside him in bed.

Cross our fingers that we don't have any more "issues" with our electricity during the rest of our construction process!  Hmmm...who am I kidding?

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