Monday, August 12, 2013

Pro Football Hall of Fame...

After the autograph session, we grabbed some lunch (while Jason got tow more autographs on his Hall of Fame football) and headed to the HOF museum.

The museum was much larger than I expected which was awesome!

There was one area with all interactive displays...that actually worked...unlike some of those interactive children's museums we have attended! Here they boys got to review plays with instant replay!

Several football players have their hands molded and Sam enjoyed sizing up his hands! Here he is comparing to Warren Sapp.

This one amazed me!  These are actual forms of different players legs. Jack came up to their hips!!

These boys are HUGE!!!

These are quarterback helmets, so the boys were able to check out how the coaches communicate with their QB. Impressive technology!

Sam tried on some FB pads!

Each new inductee had a "shrine." We obviously had to get a picture in front of Cris Carter' included his helmet, jersey, shoes and a signed football.

There were LOADS of other memorabilia in the museum that I have pictures of, but I won't bore you with those 200 pictures, except this one...Robert Griffin the 3rd.  He was wearing this jersey when he set the record for most yards for a rookie QB.  I love that it still has dirt on it!!!

This is the uniform that Adrian Petersen was wearing when he ran for 296 yards in one game.
And this is Petersen's MVP uniform!

and we couldn't pass up getting a picture with the Super Bowl trophy!

There's still a lot of football to share with you all!

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