Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back up the the second floor!  MY SPACE!! This is my craft room! THIS is a space that I have always wanted!!! My desk will go under the skinny row of windows!

Looking to the right of the windows, there are two closets! The closet on the left will hold my crafting items. The closet on the right will be a work space/computer space for Jason. Yes, I gave up a little room for him.

We have decided that Jason will never leave his man cave and I will never leave my craft space. Thanks goodness for Skype and Facetime!!!

And outside...the three season porch is coming along nicely.

A view of the entire project from the back. Siding is almost complete, too!

A close up of the three season porch. There are two sets of doors. The set on the left goes into the existing kitchen, the doors on the right go into the new living room.

And this is what the zipper door looks like from our kitchen...nice!

I had to set up a little "office" area the other day. Had to do some computer work...the air conditioner workers were in the basement, the construction workers where working on the 3-season porch and the dry-wallers were upstairs. The only "peaceful" place I could find was in the living room! It worked. 

I must say, our addition is the house that Jason and I have always dreamed of having. People asked how we came up with the addition layout, the truth is, we have always talked about what we would LOVE to have in a house someday. We would share ideas in magazines we saw, freeze commercials that may be on that showed something we liked, newspaper ads, magazines and say, "How cool would that be to have in our house someday!" I just have to say, it looks like our someday has arrived!