Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Belding Christmas Story...

While on vacation, we just had to drive to the movie A Christmas Story house, located in Cleveland. it was great fun!

We purchased our tour tickets and walked across the street to wait for our tour.

The boys waiting for our tour!  If you look closely , you can see the famous leg lamp lit up in the window!

But let me back up...before going into the house, we took a little tour in the Christmas Story museum. These are the hats that Ralphie's friends wore during the scene where the boy puts his tongue on the frozen pole!

The chalkboard from Ralphie's classroom.

At the end of the movie, the family ends up eating Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant. These are the outfits the waiters are wearing in the scene, while singing to the family "We wish you a merry Christmas! RA RA RARA RA RA RA RA RA!" This scene just cracks my mom up! 

Randy's Christmas morning pajamas.

I was super excited to see Randy's snowsuit.
Randy laid there like a slug

The robe that the mom wears on Christmas morning.

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Kelley said...

Very cool!