Tuesday, May 28, 2013

House Addition Update...Water, Water, Water...

The house addition is moving along, but slowly.

After putting in the footings, we waited all week for someone to show up to put in the forms. Meanwhile, it rained and rained and the hole filled up with water. We thought about scratching the idea of an addition and just go with a pool. 

Finally on Thursday night, workers showed up to drop off the forms for the walls. At that time, they pumped out the water. This made Jason happy, he couldn't stand having water in the hole.

While pumping the water out, they used a huge crane to lower the bundles of forms into the water...I mean basement.

You can see that the water is mostly pumped out and
the forms are ready to go for Friday.

I must admit, I was so elated, that I texted several people and said that our WALLS had arrived. Jack and I had an extensive conversation on how the workers would use a crane and lower these walls onto the re-bar. Jack asked  how they would cement the walls together...I told him I wasn't sure, but I would take pictures and let him know when he got home from school! I KNOW!! It was a completely blond moment!! I had NO IDEA what these things were in my basement!

So when the workers started to put up the forms on Friday, I had an AH HA moment!!

The forms are all up! Which, then the cement is poured in between the forms and allowed to set overnight. I get it now.

The workers showed up on Saturday morning to remove the forms...at 6:30 in the morning! It rained during the night and rained the entire time they took the forms off. I took this picture from my upstairs window. That is why it is so grainy...or I should say "screeny."

So excited to see our basement windows!!
The walls must cure now for about 4-6 days.
And then they went to leave...

The truck was stuck. So they put plywood under the tires...didn't work at all! These are the back tires. check out how deep in the mud the tires sunk!

The front tires got spun in pretty deep too!

So, as I write this Monday evening, the truck is still stuck.
We hope maybe they will come on Tuesday to get the truck.
It's a bit on the large size for a lawn ornament.

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