Friday, May 17, 2013

Here We Go Again!

A few questions...

Why did I have these three pose for me by the house?
Why is there a snow fence in the background?

Why is this enormous digger coming down our lane?

Well...It has STARTED!!!
We have officially begun phase two of our home improvement...the addition!
We are so super excited!

This ginormous digger came down the lane..which wasn't easy...nothing is ever "easy" for our family!

The digger has metal tires, so in order not to gouge the lane, the workers had to leapfrog sheets of plywood. That means laying plywood down in front of the back hoe, the back hoe drives on it. The workers then pick up the plywood and put it back down in front of the back hoe. Amazingly it really didn't take that long!

Last summer we had the large hickory tree taken down knowing that we were playing with the idea of the addition. Today they took out the stump.  It was HUGE!!  The driver had to actually rock the digger back and forth to finally get it loosened and pulled out.

Then the digging began! 
A shot from the window!

We had to take out loads and loads of dump trucks full of dirt!

A HUGE hole after a good days work!

Can you see the steps that the back hoe created for the workers to get in and out of the hole..and maybe two little boys that are dieing to get in there and check it out!

Oh. They left a little dirt behind for us to back fill some areas.

Such an exciting time, but also a bummer that my nap time will be cut into...but, it will be worth the lack of sleep!

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