Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily Journals....

In November (yea...I was ahead of schedule!) the boys and I headed up to Memory Bound to create December daily journals for them to fill up with Christmas memories. (sounds like a Hallmark commercial!) 

I am happy to report, they both got into the process of putting the journal together.

jack worked very hard to make his book into a pattern. (hmm...I wonder what they are practicing in school?!)

Jack with his finished project...

Sam with his finished project...

As all crafters do,I took a few close up pictures of their finished projects!  Sam's is on the right and jack's is on the left.

They used a variety of pockets and colorful Christmas papers.

Added a few envelopes to tuck some memories!

We used the cinch machine to bind the journals together.

All ready for loads of Christmas memories!
Life on December first is so happy and sugary...countdowns and journals just waiting to be completed! Life a week later is remembering to do the countdown calendars and begging the boys to PLEASE put something in your journal!!!

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