Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Reading...

What I've  read this summer...

The first three Game of Thrones books...that was a lot of reading. None of them are less then 600 pages!  I wanted to keep reading, but needed to stop that genre for a bit!  Now I am nervous that I won't be able to remember all the characters...there are a few hundred of them!!!

This book is also a good is dark and crazy!  Nick comes home one day to find his front door wide open, the house a mess and his wife gone.  Did Nick set this all up and kill her, or is she really missing.  It's told from Nick's point of view and from his wife, Amy's, diary entries.  It is twisted (in a dark way) but it sucked me in..those last few words of a chapter, so you have to read the next chapter, type of thing..  If you read it...let's talk about the ending!

Jason insisted that I read this one, so I knew it would be a gory shoot 'em up. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad (the shooting parts.) Two friends, Ben and Chon run a marijuana operation and have become well off due to their success.  the Mexican Baja Cartel find out about their success and basically wants to take control of Ben and Chon's operation..."no" is not an option.  When things get "tight" the cartel kidnap their friend Ophelia. This is when it gets even more interesting on how Ben and Chon go back and forth in their deals with the Cartel.

This is another John Hart novel (he wrote the highly recommended by me...Iron House) and it was a good story, too, but in a different manner. It moves slower, more development of the characters and the story itself...but the ending is awesome and unexpected.  For 13 year old Johnny, life is good until the day his twin sister Alyssa is kidnapped.  Over the next year, his entire family and life falls apart.  Johnny still believes in his heart that his sister is still alive and vows that he will find her...on his own, due to everyone he trusted has given up and thinks Alyssa is dead.  The hunt takes him to the dark side of town....where no child should ever have to venture.

Hope you have enjoyed some fun summer reads!!

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