Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ready for More Football...

Football is almost in full swing at our house (Iowas State and the Vikings haven't kicked off yet!)

Sam is playing for the orange team this year...his "number" (which is usually 55) wasn't offered this year, so he went with the next closets...54.  It was funny to watch and hear why the boys on the team picked certain numbers.  One boys always picks his dad's age..another one picked the year his dad was born...(good thing the kids' a lineman!) and another kiddo always tries to get the lowest number !!

This year is Jack's first "real" year of football. he will play flag football and Jason won't be on the field with him this year.He's pretty excited about the whole thing!

Lucky number 7!!!

Mean football faces...Jack needs to work on his!

Every year, at the first high school football game, all the boys that play junior football get to run on the field and make a line for the high school football players to run through.

I apologize for the pictures..I took them from the top row of the bleachers!!  Sam is in one of the orange jerseys out there!  The "line" that the football players run through goes clear across the field (the long way) and then wraps back around's crazy long!! I was concerned the players would be too tired to play the game!!!

Here come the players...Jack is on the right shoulder of #74.  He was amazed by the players!

Sam has had his first scrimmage of the season...check that off the worry list!! (for him and me!!)
Get ready to see more football pictures!!! I told myself that I will keep up on the boys sports albums...this year...better get these photos printed off and scrapped!! Let you know how that goes!

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