Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Vaca at the Dells...

We spent last week at the water park capital of the world...The Wisconsin Dells!

We packed a few things to take with never know what you will need!

As always, which is good, Jack slept in the car. I think his sleeping in the car  has something to do with when he was a baby...we would drive him around in the car to help him fall asleep. (OH shouldn't do will create bad habits...sometimes with little ones,  you just h ave to survive the day...moment!)

Finally, we crossed the state lines...only about three more hours to go. Once we got to the Dells, we met up with our friends, ate some dinner and then spent the evening at one of the indoor water parks. 

We spent the first day at Lost World. 

We rented a cabana for the day.  It was AWESOME!  (Our friends that we went with are showing how fab the cabana is!) We had waitresses that came and took our orders...a TV...and the best part was the misters.  You can see them at the top of the cabana.  You could sit in the sun and not bake...just have light mist misting pool boy needed today!

Jack enjoying the misters.

I think Sam had enough water park for the day...we only spent six hours there!

This was Sam' biggest challenge of the day..the red slide.  You get in at the top (thank you Mrs. Obvious!) listen to the count down and then the floor drops out from under you.... 

There he goes!  He did not like it.  He said he didn't like how the floor just dropped out from underneath you.  I wouldn't like that either (surprise surprise) so I opted not to ride it!

The boys spent tons of time crossing the water on ropes and "rocks."

Jack is too short at our pool at home to do this, so he was SUPER excited to spend hour after hour crossing the water.

He did it for so long, he actually got blisters on his fingers...that broke and bled...seriously?  Nothing is that fun!

At this water ride, you ride on a mat, face first. Four kiddos can go at one time...great for racing...and no blistering.

That evening, we had dinner at one of our favorite place...MooseJaw. We wore antlers and toasted OUR Moose (who we were all missing! :) 

We had to get a picture in front of their delivery cars...look familiar?   Check out why it does here!
Wouldn't our Moose look great tooling around town in this car!?!?

Yep..that was just day one at the Wisconsin Dells!!

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