Monday, July 9, 2012

Happpy Belated 4th!

Hello, again!! I took an unscheduled break from blogging last week....who could do anything in that heat???

We did have a mini fourth celebration...

Jack made decorations for our windows, plus a new t-shirt for himself!!
(can you tell it's summer...his "4" is backwards!  Know what we can work on this week when the boredom sets in!)

This is a young uncle Sam...he has a dark mustache, not a white one as the old uncle Sam, does!

He also made a shooting star. "OHHH, AHHH!!"

That night the boys did sparklers...

Creepy pose struck by Jack...

...and then turned around and got this creepy one of Sam!!

Moose didn't mind the sparklers, but she didn't want to be near them...She stayed real close to my sister!!

We then went off to the Saylorville Dam to watch the fireworks of the surrounding communities. The bugs were bad...not the mosquitoes (the only good thing about this heat!) but little moth like things.They kept flying into us...UGH!!  Sam and I (surprise) went back by the car to enjoy the show bugless!
We enjoyed our mini celebration!! Hope you enjoyed your fourth!

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