Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom and Meg!!

Happy Birthday Mom and Megan!!
Every spring (and fall) the three of us head on a weekend shopping trip.  I thought today would be perfect to share photos of April's shopping trip with my two favorite shoppers!

We always eat at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Chevy's. This night, Meg got a bowl of salsa, not to eat there, but to take home! We love that place so much, we ate there twice!  
When we checked into out hotel, the receptionist asked me if i had any children with me. "Oh no..not this trip! It's our girls' weekend...all about shopping!"  Never occurred to me to ask why...thought she was making small talk!  Finally, she told me that there was only one, two bedroom, room left.  One of the rooms has a bunk bed...would that be OK?  "Not a problem," I told her...Meg can sleep in there!  Well, we got there and the room is sponsored by the Childnren' Miracle's decorated and furnished for children. ( The boys would have loved this room.)
  I think Meg slept awesome in her Dora the Explorer sheets...don't you!!

Off to our first big day of shopping. The three of us always find the largest dressing room and try on clothes together. It's a must to have another opinion on an outfit!!

Mom and I share a room...and the paper!

Megan is one of the funniest people I know! I am not sure what she was doing here, but it involved running back and forth. Mom amd I just listen and watch Meg and laugh until we cry!!

She read the paper with us, too.

I tried on this shirt that had HUGE under arm things.  I told mom and Meg that I thought I could fly.  Mom said, "Go for it!" So I did...I had permission!!! 

Megan's feet started to that meant only one thing!

Shoe shopping!!!  Sales people LOVE Meg...she listens to every word they say and very intently!

And then she insists that I listen too!!  Meg did purchase some new walking shoes to help her poor little feet!

I got to sleep in!!

We had to do a stop at IKEA. Meg always purchases some big item that requires us to repack the entire car.  She talks the entire time how it will totally work and I just look at the cart thinking..yea right. But it always works out!

Happy Birthday to my two favorite girls!! Can't wait for our next road trip!!!

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Janet said...

Oh, this is too fun! Makes me wish I had a sister!