Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breeding Grounds...

As I have shared many times, the boys LOVE frogs! Well, we have a "new" frog (Freddy) that has been hanging in and around our fountain. The other night, Freddy jumped into the fountain, so Jack turned it off inorder to more easily spot Freddy and tried to catch him. But, Jack suddenly exclamied,
"Mom look at these little fish!! MOM....We have tadpoes!!!"

"WHAT!!!???!?!?? How do you know they are tadpoles? I don't see them! "
"Mom, you know I studied tadpoles at school. LOOK !! Look at all of them stuck on the walls!! There are tons of them, Mom!"
( you okay? Why are you laying down, Mom?)
No I really didn't lay down.

Jack is right...we have LOADS of tadpoles in the fountain. I had to google if snakes eat frogs...well, they do. Curses to that Freddy frog! (which I guess should be Fredricka!)

Incase you were wondering what they are checking out in the fountain...
This is what our new friends look like.

Honestly, I don't mind these...but when they turn into those little freaks of nature and sprout legs and still have a tail...something will need to be done!

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