Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drake Relays....

Saturday, we all bundled up and headed down to the Drake Relays!
When we sat down, Jack looked up and asked, "Are we going to watch a football game, too?"

We happened to be in the right spot at the right time and the boys got their picture taken with "Tyson" the winner of the bulldog contest...i think this may be my favorite picture of all drake relays pictures!!

At one point, there was a tribute to the troops...the flag covered the entire infield...it was pretty cool.

We got to watch Culson Javier win the 400 hurdles.  He also won silver at the Olympics. 
Sam thought Javier looked a lot like Frozone from the Incredibles. 

The first time the starter shot the starter pistol, Jack looked at me and stated, "I don't think it is very smart to shoot a gun in a crowd like this...the bullet could come down and hurt someone."  We then had a quick conversation about "blanks."

This is one of Sam's all time favorite athletes...The shot putter Adam Nelson.  He puts on a great show!  Before he throws, he walks to the middle of the shot put field and gets the crowd clapping, then he starts "yelling" things like "YEA" and "LETS GO!" (check out the smiles on the people behind him!)

He then rips off his shirt...

...and throws it to the ground while walking to the pit.

He then throws as the crowd is so fired up and yelling and cheering! It's so much fun!!

Jason was very pleased to see Amy Acuff come out of retirement and high jump this year.

the boys and i had to leave early..it seemed to get colder as the afternoon went on.  Overall, it was a great relays day!

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