Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Safe Neighborhood...

Sam has been playing a Batman video game and it seems that whenever or whatever the game of the day is, Jack ends up dressing as that character. The other day I looked outside and Batmen where wondering around.
Sam was a little hesitant at first to dress up, but with a little encouragement (AKA begging) from Jack he decided it would be long as they didn't go to far in the front yard where people might see him.

At times, Sam became very shy and hid behind the wall!! Actually he was hiding from Jack and hoping to throw some smoke bombs at him.  (when I spotted Sam, I had to laugh out loud, which gave up his hiding spot!)

A pose of the Batmen with their baterangs!

Off to fight evil after a quick conference on what would be the best strategy...baterangs or smoke bombs.

(Nothing like running through my freshly blooming hastas, UGH!)
The neighborhood was very safe that afternoon!

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