Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Life Year 2...

Last week, my Becky Higgins Project Life came in the mail.  Last year I order the entire package...album, journaling cards, 12x12 paper, date stamper, everything!!! This year i only ordered the journaling cards.

Each journaling set came in a fun little box, but I opened all of the boxes and put them in the provided "holder" to enjoy at one time.  Last year, the cards came in boxes, but no holder..this is SO much better!! 

Check out the goodies...

days of the week stickers (there are alos "clear" sets with the days printed in white)

number stickers

4x6 journaling or date cards

These 4x6 cards are used for the title pages and the closing pages...if you want!

2x3 "decorative"cards

TONS more 2x3 journaling cards and saying cards. Love these colors!!!

And even MORE journaling cards!!  There are even more that I haven't shared with you!!!  WOW!!
(my flash wouldn't go off in this photo??)

These are 4x6 cards that can be folded in half...for longer stories!

These are the fun little boxes that the journaling cards came in...excited to start my new 2012 album.  Last year I made it all the way to June with my Project Life.  the boys and i have enjoyed looking back at what we were doing at different times of the year in that album.  Too bad we don't have anything that happened in our lives from July-December of 2011!! Maybe this year we will!!

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