Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jack in His Arizona Outfit...

The other weekend, Jack came down all dressed...for summer!

Shorts, a "beach" shirt, a white muscle shirt and a lei. "What's up with the outfit?" I asked. "When I go to Arizona, I am going to wear this." "Well, I don' think we are going to be able to go to Arizona this year...we went to Disney World," I explained. "You never know," he answered.

He wore it while I baked cookies for my work cookie exchange (someone even asked for the recipe! FIRST TIME EVER!!!)

And while he and Jason played Monopoly that afternoon...
At one point Sam went outside to play basketball and jack followed him out...with flip flops on!!
Where does the kid get this???

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Gma said...

Just guessing but maybe from his Dad!