Thursday, December 29, 2011

Belding Christmas Photos...

I really have to work hard to get one good family picture...

We started with the boys. My dad told them to look to the left for a different "look" to the picture. Sam didn't get that idea and it shows on his face!

Typical Jack...

Typical boys with Aunt!

Moose loves her Sammy!!!

Jason and Sam had a contest on who could sit up the straightest!

Moose just passing through! My mom is admiring her freshly brushed tail!

I didn't make this photo and Jason couldn't take his eye off the football game!

Words of encouragement for me to get into the picture on time!!

Jason can't STAND trying to get a family picture and it is starting to show..

Megan walked around with wrapping paper most of the night...

I did get some great photos that I will share with you...but these are more "true" to our family Christmas!!

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