Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Little Imagination...

I made the bold step to tell the boys they cannot watch TV or plug-in until after lunch. Has is worked perfectly...absolutely not...but life is about making exceptions! Actually, they have done pretty well.
We are getting block placed around a flower bed, so it is all dug out...waiting for the block to be placed. The boys thought this would be the perfect area to put the hose and flood the "moat." They brought out Jack's Imaginex boats and spent over 5 hours playing!

Moose kept a close eye on all the activities. (The boys just play around her!)

We have tons of these little frog-toads hoping around...I think they must come up from our 2 inch deep creek.

Can you spot the frog-toad stow-away on the boat?

A pirate island right in my marigolds!

Moose thinking that the best punishment for these pirates would be a ride in her mouth!!

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