Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On Monday morning, I went downstairs to iron a shirt before heading off to work. I rarely iron my shirt - right now I think my body heat can relax all the wrinkles - but this one was extra wrinkly and needed a pressing. So off to the basement and what do I find? Our window well window has completely fallen out and is laying on the floor. I think the storm on Sunday night shook our house so much that it shook that window right out of the brick.

Well, of course, Jack thought this was one of the best things EVER...he could reach all of his little friends from a different angle.

What little friends you ask?

The frogs and toads...there were two sitting on a brick right by the OPENED window.

"Do NOT LET that little thing JUMP out of your hands!" I stated.
The boys keep all their frogs in this window well..so now I am a bit concerned about how many might have gotten into the house. UGH!! When Jason went downstairs to fix this mishap, there was a frog sitting on the edge of the window sill..on the INSIDE!!

Moose wasn't far behind.
A friend suggested maybe Moose would get the frogs in the house. Then I said, "Great. She will catch the frog and then spit it out and I have to clean up half chewed frog. OR, she eats some of it and then throws up and I have to clean up v-mit and half chewed frog. "
I don't win with any frog in the house.

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