Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chicago Day 2...Try 2...

I obviously tried to post too many pictures at Take 2!

On the first morning, we headed to a Lego store...the boys were so happy (as was Jason!)

There was a station where you could make your own mini-figures. Jack made himself holding a wine glass (for those tough games of Wii...actually he is holding a Harry potter goblet.) He then made a "Sam" with a cup of coffee and a shirtless pirate.

Sam created a mad-scientist/zombie, Felix - a secret agent in disguise and lastly, James Bond.

The boys then had to make themselves Harry Potter wands...AKA huge tootsie rolls.

Jack used his $3.99 wand as a back scratcher.

Picture of the boys with their wands and the original Harry Potter!