Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where Rock Have I Been Living Under?

Last week the boys and I discover REDBOX....where I have been?  This is seriously the best way to rent a movie!! 

All you have to do (in case you are one of the three people that have not tried this out yet)  is touch the screen to get started...touch "rent," choose your movie, swipe your credit card, enter your email...and DONE!!  The movie is ONE DOLLAR and due the next night at 9 pm or you pay another DOLLAR!!  LOVE THIS!!! (as you can tell from the amount of capital letters I am using!) 

THEN...we rented two movies the first night and received a coupon for one free and THEN received another movie free for signing up for RED box...WOW!!!  PLUS...these little machines are all over town....PLUS you can return the movie ANYWHERE in the USA...opens up a whole new bucket of movies while traveling!!! 

I saw that Blockbuster had a special 5 movies for 20 dollars and I thought to myself...I could get 5 movies for FIVE DOLLARS and if I didn't return them on time, i could still get 5 movies for TEN DOLLARS...CHEAP!!

As they is defiantly the little things that make a person happy...

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