Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Spa Day...

Ever since we got Moose, Jack has wanted (SO BADLY) to put bows in her hair. "Why do you want her to have bows, Jack?" He replies, "So she knows she's a girl and everyone else will know she's a girl."

Well, last weekend Moose had a spa day (she went to the groomers.) I had to work, so Jas took her. I thought about telling Jas to ask the groomer to put bows in her hair, but I already knew what Jason would say to that...

I got home from work and the boys were picking up Moose from the spa. When they got home, Jack ran in and announces "Guess, who's home!" I play along...I thought..."You are!!" Nope, wrong answer. "No. Moose is back from the spa!" (funny how I get the kids to use my terminology!) He was so excited..."YOU HAVE GOT TO COME LOOK AT HER!!"
My first thought is, oh no, they shaved her....and then I saw her and realized something could be crossed off Jack's bucket list...Moose had bows in her hair!!!

Little purple and green bows with white paw sweet and how girly!

She worn them was off in about 30 minutes...

The other one stayed on for a couple of days...I still have it. It will eventually be an embellishment on a scarp page! :)

How lady like, with little bows in her hair, tearing the living daylights out of a "flat" raccoon.
(Moose will tear the stuffing, literally, out of stuffed animals, so we get her the ones that do not have stuffing in them..they are called flats...they look like road kill. She basically just tears their heads off...seriously.)

She even got a report card on her spa visit! The groomer told Jason that if we bring her back that she wanted us to request her, because Moose was so awesome. (Wish we could take all the credit for that, but that is due to Moose's first family.) As my dad would say, "Atta girl, Moose!"

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Cheryl said...

She looks lovely!