Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Birthday!

(Warning: Loads of Photos!!)

Sam had a great time celebrating his birthday for three days!

On Saturday, we headed to the bowling alley with a car full of boys! (that was interesting conversation to listen to!) When we got to the bowling alley, this awesome bowling pin was waiting for Sam!

This year Sam had a football cupcake cake. I loved need for knives or forks...just pull out the cupcake that you would like!
Supper easy!!

On his "real" birthday, we headed to his favorite Mexican restaurant for quesidillas and of course the wearing of the sombrero!

Don't forget the fried ice-cream!

We headed back to our house to meet all the relatives...someone was excited about the whole thing!

The opening of MORE presents!

Such excitement!!

And the blowing out of the candles...again!!
Sam had a great birthday...he's bummed it only comes once a year!

One more birthday shot...who is this with the boys??? Stop by tomorrow to find out!!

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