Friday, May 27, 2011

Girls Trip To KC...

Last weekend I headed to KC with my sister and my mom for our annual spring shopping usual there was never a dull moment. Thought I would share the "mistake" photos that actual capture the real trip!

Not a good angle to take a picture by the fountain!

Mom is having a moment...flashing back to her hunting and gathering days.

"Just take the stinkin' picture by this big plastic horse!"

Very small stall walls. I started wondering...if there was a person in there that you didn't know, would you say, "Hello."

Megan's survival kit...she can do hours of shopping with these supplies!

Ate something that wasn't too yummy.

Megan needed a bit more hairspray for the windy day!

Our hotel room was very cold...this is me sleeping. That black thing is actually my jacket that I had wrapped around my legs.

Megan got her beauty sleep, too!

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