Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you know me, then you know how terribly scared I am of snakes. So this is what i get to look at each time i use the bathroom on our main floor. I can't stand it and I know that there is absolutely nothing i can do about it...can't even cover it up with a rug!!

Doesn't it look as if a snake is coming our from under the floor boards....ick.  I told Jason about it, but hadn't showed him it yet.  He even said, "I found the snake in the bathroom!"

Just wanted to give you a closer look, so you could feel my pain!

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Janet said...

Oh, deeeeer...I see what you mean. But why can't you put a rug over it? How about a post-it note? I used to have to go through all of Bailey's textbooks and put post-its over any snake pictures!