Friday, April 15, 2011

A Belding Dinner...

So, I am making an Italian dinner the other night for the boys...we are having cheese raviolis (from the freezer section), jar pizza sauce (i forgot to buy spaghetti sauce) cheese bread and a fruit or vegetable that I have yet to decide on (pizza is made from tomatoes...vegetable...right?)

While I am making my gourmet dinner, Jason is getting ready to go to a function and his friend is over waiting for Jason to get ready...sometime Jason is worse than a girl getting ready.  So, the friend helps Sam with his math while I fix dinner and tell the friend that I have come along way with my cooking....he laughs.

Anyway, I am going to make my cheese bread nice, warm and toasted by broiling it in the oven.  I do that all the time.  it is a bit tricky, because you must keep an eye on the bread because it can turn black and charred in seconds...and I do mean seconds!

Jason comes down with a nice outfit on (resembles his friends a bit... ) and they are off.  When the door shuts, I turn to the oven and there is smoke rolling out of the oven. (seconds...I told you ...just mere seconds!) 

I proceed to open the oven door and presto we have real flames!!

I announce to the boys, "NO ONE PANIC...EVERYONE STAY CALM!"  (i believe I was doing some self talk.)

I take out the tray of fire...or bread...which is engulfed in flames and blow out the fire...thank goodness it went out without a hitch or fire extinguisher. 

I look up and the house is FULL of smoke.  I tell the boys in my best announcer voice, "The fire alarms will be going off in a few seconds...just want you to be prepared.  it is a loud piercing....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (fire alarm goes off.)

Sam looks at jack and they both put their hands over their ears...never fear, i have much experience with burnt food setting off alarms.  So i go over to the fire alarm and start to wave my charred pot holder in front of the alarm.  It goes off in a few more seconds. success.

I look over to where the boys were sitting...and they are gone. Where could they have gone.... 

Well, they are both on the floor ARMY CRAWLING to the front door.  Sam states, in  his best announcer voice " When there is a fire, you must get as low as you can to get away from the smoke!" 


Suddenly Sam stops...and says, "I can't make it!"  Jack continues to the door.  I look at Sam and say, "Why can't you make it?"  He tells me, "The smoke is too much..."  Oscar award to Sam Belding.  Jack, though, continues safely to the door and is the lone survivor.

Sam jumps up, goes back to the table to eat the rest of his cheese raviolis and asks, "Want to try that again, mom?" pointing to the tray of burnt cheese bread. 

"You really want me to try again?"  I ask.

"Sure...your cooking gives us a chance to practice our fire safety rules."

Thank you, Sam. 

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