Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

Over spring break, I went to register one of my Starbucks gift cards.  In doing so, each visit is counted as a "visit" or a "point"  towards obtaining a Starbucks Gold Card. Several of my fellow Starbucks addicts encouraged me to do this (after much reassurance that i could probably already have one...) and found this little "activity" that i just had to complete....

CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONAL STARBUCKS CARD! Hee Hee.  I just couldn't help myself!!  It came in the mail yesterday!
 As you can see above, MY card has "my drink formula" on it. I get a non-fat (N) Carmel Frapcino(CF) with Carmel (CR) drizzle!
 But the best my name is on my card!!! How fun is that!  I just keep adding money (its all about the money) to the card and then use it each time I visit a Starbucks, which then equals more points!!   Once I get my gold card (which is only 30 visits..not a problem!!!) I will get a free drink every 15 visits!  I KNOW!!!

 Mom and dad...I am glad I am keeping you proud with my highly set goals of life!


Mom said...

Your dad and I celebrate ALL your accomplishments!

That came from the book called " Stock Phrases for Parenting"

Janet said...

Oh, my gosh! I'm so excited for you, Katie! :) There is nothing like the thrill of shipping out your GOLD CARD!