Friday, March 18, 2011

Kansas City Day 2...

Saturday was another beautiful day in KC. Headed downtown to the Science is like our science center. Jack LOVED the welcome sign! It was a fun place to visit, but I was glad to only spend 2 hours there. As all science centers, some of the items didn't work (pet peeve of mine), there were snotty pushy kids and I am sure the place is a small cess-pool of germs. Sam asked why i didn't do many of the stations. I told him, "I just like watching you and Jack enjoy the stations. Now go wash your hands."

Our favorite part of Science City was the Optical Illusion Hotel. Poor Jack lost his legs at this table. There were other illusions, but they are not "illusions" when you take photos of them!

There was a musical area and Sam didn't hesitate to get down...

The boys made a marble track..
.Beside this exhibit, was a rocket launcher station. Jason and i were experimenting at the station and this little snotty boy pushed between Jason and the launcher and started to push all the buttons. Jason tried to tell him to wait his turn, but the kid didn't even listen...just kept on doing what he was doing..."WHERE IS YOUR FAMILY?" I wanted to say, instead I mumbled, "nice kid" and walked away.

Jack wrestled alligators in the sewer! There was a big sewer slide that the boys went down it over and over!

We ate at a sushi/seafood place that evening (that also had hamburgers.) Jason and i ordered calamari and when it came out it actually looked like little squids. As usual, Jason made a big deal out of eating the squid, letting the "legs" hang out of his mouth. Sam almost got sick...didn't even phase jack.

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