Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Addiction...

So, I feel as if I was the LAST ONE ON EARTH to hear or watch the eagle cam in Decorah!  There is a reserve in Decorah and they have placed a camera on an eagle nest.  The mother eagle is usually found sitting on the nest.  the father eagle does come and switch places with the mother eagle...which I have yet to see...but believe you, I have been watching...and waiting.
(this is not an eagle that I have been watching)

If you click on this link,  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/decorah-eagles  
you too, can start to watch the eagles sit.  But remember, just when you think nothing is going to happen and you are ready to go do the laundry or dishes...or play with your children..BAM...something moves and you are sucked back in!!

I told the boys that they HAD TO CHECK THIS OUT...they were in LOVE with the eagle...for about 45 seconds (time averaged together between the two of them.)

Once, when I was watching...NOTHING WAS HAPPENING, so I switched to surf some other important web-sites...went back to check on the eagle and she/he had gotten up and moved around in the nest!!!  MISSED IT ALL!! UGH!!
I do know that I am not alone...there are about 10,000 other eagle addicts watching, too! 
(Come join us...you know you want to...everyone is doing it...dare you!!!)

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Big Sis said...

Tuned into the eagle and there was a dead rabbit in the nest. Will serve for some pretty interesting viewing when it comes time for dinner. Gross.