Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Photos...

Things have been pretty quiet around is too cold to go outside and there is only so much to do inside.  Basically the weather has intruded with my picture taking!!
So I thought i would share a few photos from February....

When I need to go up to our mailbox, I is too darn cold to walk all that way!! The boys love to jump in and go along for the ride...they sit in the WAY back and look out the window...all I can see of them is their little faces.

Last week, the boys had a snow day and they needed to get out, so we drove around to check out all the was very bright out and Sam wore a pair of my OLD sunglasses...he looks like a little Harry Carey!

Jack finished basketball camp and received a gold basketball pin and an "certificate of completion." Jack is showing off the diploma in true Jack style...upside down!

Sam is also playing basketball...I got this shot right after he stole the basketball, dribbled down the floor and scored. It was fun to see how happy he was...but, he still very "cool" about it! You can see the grin on his face in this photo.

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Gma/Gpa said...

Way to go boys!

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