Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Basketball Camp...

Jack has basketball camp on Saturday mornings. He LOVES basketball! Here are a few things they do at camp...

They practice their dribbling.
Right away, Jack spotted that their basketballs were from Cazadors - his favorite Mexican restaurant.

They practice their shooting.
This is Jack's highest shot..he was very proud.

At the end of practice they do some running.
The kiddos get into two lines and run down the gym and back. they are to high five the next person in line when they are done running...this rarely happens, so the next person in line patiently waits until the finished runner remembers to come back and give them a high five. Also, when they run down the gym, the two runners constantly look at each other and smiling.

And of course, jack needed to take some time to meditate at break.

After basketball, Jason and I were telling Jack that he did really well.
Jack told us, "I am get the hanging of the dribbling. Yea, I did pretty super today."
He gets his humbleness from his father.

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