Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At the Civic Center...

The family headed to the Civic Center for another of the family series plays. This show was based on Leo Lioni's books: Fredrick, Inch by Inch and Swimmy.

A few before the show pictures.
 See the little girl drinking her water bottle behind Sam's head. She was SO annoying through the entire show. First, she talked through the entire thing, took her shoes off, drank her water, swung her charm bracelet around, SMACKED her gum, made sure we all knew how BORING Fredrick was and she wanted to see the worm and sniffed every 5 seconds (yes, every 5 because I counted!) UGH!!

This is the humming bird from Inch by Inch. All the birds were large puppets. Very cool!
(the girl behind me INSISTED that the pink flamingo was actually a parrot.)
The puppeteers had a question and answer session after the plays that explained how the different "puppets" worked....

And of course, jack wanted to ask a question.
Thank goodness (he didn't get called on) his "question" was answered by the puppeteers. They explained how Swimmy the fish was projected onto the screen. He was thrilled that his question was answered and he didn't even have to ask it!

Next show...Darwin the Dinosaur. Hopefully that will be too scary for a certain little girl and she won't attend and i can have a more enjoyable experience...unless the mom who sat next me decides to work on her i-phone through the entire play again! (yep...what a great role model for her kids!) At least she was quiet.

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