Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Not?

This is seriously some of the best advice I have gotten and one should really take this into consideration with young kids:
A very wise woman told me today that she and her husband (they now have gown kids) talked about what was the big deal about waiting to open every Christmas present on Christmas (or in our case, Christmas Eve.) Their kids got so much, that they were overwhelmed and didn't seem to be able to appreciate their gifts (or even remember or consider who they were from.)

So, after some thought (about 10 minutes) Jason and I decided to let the boys open a Christmas gift last night. They were about beside themselves and finally (about three seconds of thinking) decided on opening a "small' package - because as Sam stated, "Sometimes good things come in small packages."

Jack opened a little Lego set - which he played with all night. And Sam opened up a Wii game...which was definitely played all night (don't worry, we had family dinner together and read before bed, so the TV didn't babysit the kids ALL night.) But, I must say, that the evening was pretty quiet and opening a gift took the edge of the boys' anxiousness. So, they will also be opening one tomorrow morning, tomorrow at snack time, tomorrow at lunch.....

(The boys were actually playing the new Wii game in the dark ~ which you cannot tell because I used my flash to drown out and ambiance)

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